COLMARq Multiple Spectra Quantification Tool with Statistical Analysis

  1. This web server accepts multiple HSQC spectra as input then runs global peak matching across all spectra and returns peak volumes of all matched peaks.
  2. The server performs peak based statistical analysis after spectra are distributed into two groups (cohorts).
  3. The server can also do database query and compound based statistical analysis.

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STEP 1: load set of spectra

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STEP 2: Global peak matching and analysis

Global peak matching of all spectra:

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Peak picking method: Classical DEEP model 2
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Peak fitting line shape: Gaussian Voigt
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Peak-based statistical analysis:
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Exclude peaks with volumes below times the default detection limit (= 5.5 * noise_level*effective_width).
Use only peaks with matching confidence better than
Exclude any peak that is missing in or more spectra.
Use mean volume ratio of median % ratios as normalization factor

Set peak volume detection limit to*noise_level*effective_peak_width

Database query:
13C chemical shift cutoff (ppm):
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Matching ratio cutoff:
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Compound based statistical analysis

Peak based PCA analysis:

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List of previously saved peak matching result:

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    Noise level, median effective peak width and normalization factor

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    Include these items in report file:
    Peak matching Reliability
    Experimental chemical shift
    Total peak volume Peak volume List
    Total peak amplitude Peak amplitude List
    Mean peak Amplitude Max peak amplitude
    Peak linewidth List
    Peak index in peak list of each spectrum
    Statistical information
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    This web server and the research that led to it is supported by the National Institutes of Health (Grant R01 GM 066041) and SECIM (Southeast Center for Integrated Metabolomics) grant U24 DK097209-01A1