1D NMR metabolomics query and quantification based on global spectral deconvolution

Tutorial and user manual
Database information
  • The COLMAR1D database contains spin system matrices and predicted spectra at various field strengths for about 500 metabolites and 666 fragments from the Maybridge library. Most of these are sourced from the Gissmo database without modification. Additionally, some experimental spectra have been obtained from the Human Metabolome Database (HMDB) and our own measurements, followed by spin system matrix optimization.
  • You can visit COLMAR1D database page to browser all the records and define a subset for a customized database query.
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Step 1 option 1 Time domain data uploading
Step 1 option 2, Processed ( frequency domain) data uploading
Step 2 Additional manual phase correction(optional)
Step 3 Baseline correction (optional)
Step 4 Spectrum deconvolution
Step 5 Database query
Step 6 Global optimization

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