Deep Picker: a deep neural network for accurate deconvolution of complex two-dimensional NMR spectra

Spectrum processing requirements, please read carefully.
STEP 1: Spectra processing

(Notice: spectra files can be nmrpipe (.ft2), sparky (.ucsf), Topspin ASCII format (.txt)) or Mnova .csv format. The server uses the file extension to distinguish file formats!

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STEP2: Peak picking and peak fitting
Choose peak picking method

Peak fitting may take up to several hours for a complex spectrum
Choose peak line shape in peak fitting

Estimated noise level of the spectrum is n.a.
Estimated peak widths (Full Width at Half Height) are n.a. along direct dimension and n.a. along indirect dimension.
Lowest contour level: = 0

Control: Brush an area to Zoom in, or remove peaks within this area. , ,


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