COLMAR Documentation

COLMAR Toccata Protocol

COLMARm Changing log
  • May, 2018, peak fitting features for better quantification
  • Apr, 2018, organic database
  • May, 2017. Support of Mnova CSV format
  • Apr, 2017. New version with (1) Better peak picker. (2) Support of topspin ASCII file format.
  • Nov, 2016 Initial version
COLMAR TOCSY Changing log
  • Apr. 2018, Organic database
  • Mar. 2018, Initial version
HSQC Changing log
  • Jan, 2017, HSQC server has been updated to include 701 compounds.

  • Nov, 2015, Plotting is resigned to better support computers with larger screen.

  • Nov, 2015, HSQC_raw server is up, which only require users to upload a spectrum (nmrpipe or sparky format) and can do automatic peak picking and referencing.

  • Oct, 2015, HSQC web server has been redesigned to emphasize the importance of referencing.

  • May, 2015, Experimental peaks are added into hsqc_compounds_info download file; download files in CSV format are now provided, in addtion to plain text files.

  • Important bug fixed on Feb 6th, 2015.

    In a previous implementation of this web server all compounds whose names contained "ans" were mistakenly filtered out; i.e. any compound whose name contains "ans" was missing in the downloaded file hsqc_compounds_info.txt and in the table. As a consequence, the compounds that were listed after the missing compound had wrong NMR chemical shift information. However, the compounds listed still corresponded to the best hits.

COLMAR example spectra: